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Awning windows stand out among other types of windows because they are hinged at the top and open out at their base.


And because awnings open outward and upward, they can even be opened during a rain shower.

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Awning windows offer homeowners a unique opportunity to increase natural light and improve ventilation without compromising security.

Continuous Stream of Fresh Air

Installing awning windows in your home can help you to create a constant inflow of fresh air. At Ridge Top Exteriors, we are helping homeowners in Florida to enjoy better ventilation by removing their fixed windows and replacing them with modern awning windows. These windows do not permit water infiltration so they can be left open even while it is raining. Thus, you can have an uninterrupted flow of fresh air even during a heavy rain.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

The design and mode of operation of most awning windows make them more secure than other types of windows, especially when they are open. Awning windows open by a few inches. Their peculiar dimensions – short height and broad width – make it quite difficult for intruders or burglars to come into your home, particularly when these windows are installed very close to the ceiling. We can also help you to add grilles and any other features that will increase privacy.

Increased Natural Illumination

Awning windows have the advantage of providing more natural light while improving ventilation. Although fixed windows can flood the interior of your home with natural illumination, they cut off your opportunity to enjoy fresh air. So it is advisable to combine fixed windows with awning windows that will give you scenic views of your neighborhood landscape without cutting off the flow of air into your home.

Design Compatibility and Versatility

Awning windows are excellent design elements for both interior decor and external architectural design. They are compatible with many home designs, especially the older home designs like cottage homes and farmhouses. Ridge Top Exteriors is a specialist in the supply and installation of awning windows for vintage homes.

Enjoy the Best of Awning Windows in Florida

To help you take maximum advantage of these windows in Florida and surrounding cities, we are now offering free consultation and quotes for our professional window installation service. Please give us a call now to discuss your needs in detail. We are ready to show you the best areas where you can install awning windows on your property. Ridge Top Exteriors offers top notch window installation service in Florida at an affordable price.

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