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Our Coastal series line of products include impact windows and entry doors tested to withstand strong blowing wind and air-born debris.

The materials are constructed of an exterior stratum of breakable glass and an inner core of impact-resistant glass. They come with a substantial unseen resilient interlayer sandwiched between the dual panes of the internal glass that protects against any perforation of glass from flying storm debris. In the event of an intense thunderstorm or break-in attempt, the panes in our impact windows may smash when hit, however it will not burst out of its framework so the house and its belongings are safeguarded.

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Protect Your Household and Your Budget with Our Impact Windows. Superior Quality Replacement Windows that are Resistant to Wind and Flying Debris.

Nearly every Florida homeowner understands  the damage hurricanes, tropical storms or even summer squalls that suddenly  come through  on short notice can cause to homes and property.

Ridge Top Exteriors provides you choices, and expertise, because shielding your residence and your loved ones from broken windows, fragmented glass, scattering debris, and water damage need never be restricted by your finances.

Our impact windows Coastal series products are built with materials that comply with or surpass the highest market requirements by National , State and County code enforcement agencies for hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

Ridge Top Exteriors professional windows representatives will assist you as you decide on the best window installation options for your home.

Impact Windows Features

  • Superior Strength

    Layered glass with shielding interlayers  for strengthened panes

  • Excellent Protection

    Superior Ratings for both hurricane regions or non-coastal residences

  • Built to Last

    Corrosion resistant fasteners and hardware. Silicone glazing.

  • Customizable!

    Multi-pane and multiple framework possibilities

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