decorative glass by odl for bhi entry doorsODL Decorative Entry Door Glass

Add pizzazz to your home’s front door with a unique decorative design. ODL Doorglass has a variety of options to suit your home style from classic to eclectic.  The lines we carry are available for non-impact or impact entrance doors.

The mastery of the ODL brand is unmistakable in its faithfully handcrafted glass, cut and formed in a spectrum of styles to satisfy the diversity of homeowner’s design preferences across the country. 

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ODL has specialized in door glass for over 7 decades.

doorglass in tampa florida

There are several factors to think about when you’re making the important decision of your entrance door glass. The texture and surface of handcrafted glass offers you aesthetic elements such as depth, dimension, and contrast. It also contributes to light and privacy levels.

  • Architectural Design of Your Residence

    Think of your entry door as the main focal area of your home. There is usually an outside attraction that draws people to take the time of looking inside when purchase your home; it might have been  a style or detail aspect in the architecture.  Your home is a style composition and as with windows, your entry doorglass is an important element of the overall design.

  • Select a Door Glass Design

    Ridge Top Exteriors offers a wide variety of choices in each doorglass design category to help you select the one that suits the character of your home and personal  tastes.

  • Glass & Frame Styles

    Whether you are adding decorative doorglass, clear doorglass or blinds, ODL designs are offered in several sizes. From a partial-view to a full-view glass door with matching sidelights or transoms, we offer a selection of shapes and options. ODL also offers frames in varying materials, profiles, and performance levels. This gives you the option to choose the frame that’s right for your door. The long-term performance of an exterior door with a glass insert is dependent upon the doorglass framing system.

When you want a front door glass that is uniquely your own.

We can customize just about any aspect of our door glass designs — caming, texture, shape, size, design, pattern and more. Available for Impact and Non-Impact glass.

Door Glass Textures

The texture and surface of handcrafted glass offers you aesthetic elements such as depth, dimension, and contrast. It also contributes to light and privacy levels.

odl glass surface alabaster texture


odl glass surface artic texture


odl glass surface bronze soft wave texture

Bronze Soft Wave

odl glass surface clear renaissance texture

Clear Renaissance

odl glass surface clear seedy texture

Clear Seedy

odl glass surface crlnkle texture


odl glass surface double glue chip texture

Double Glue Chip

odl glass surface eaton texture


odl glass surface frosted  texture


odl glass surface glue chip texture

Glue Chip

odl glass surface ruby red texture

Ruby Red Soft Wave

odl glass surface granite texture


odl glass surface gray renaissance texture

Gray Renaissance

odl glass surface gray soft wave texture

Gray Soft Wave

odl glass surface hammered texture


odl glass surface iced granite texture

Iced Granite

odl glass surface olive soft wave texture

Olive Soft Wave

odl glass surface pale amber soft wave texture

Pale Amber Soft Wave

odl glass surface ripple texture


micro granite handcrafted glass by odl doorglass


odl glass surface yellow swirl texture

Yellow Swirl

odl glass surface small hammered texture

Small Hammered

odl glass surface thin reed texture

Thin Reed

odl glass surface streamed texture


odl glass surface clear bevels texture

Clear Bevels

Texture & Privacy

Each glass design has Privacy Rating scale to indicate how much light comes in and the amount of privacy it provides. On a scale of 0 to 10. 0 is for transparent glass without privacy to 10 for an opaque glass with high privacy.

door glass privacy rating indicator example level 4
door glass privacy rating indicator example level 9

Caming & Finish

Our custom program lets you choose the caming finish that coordinates with your door hardware, fixtures, or furnishing – even when it doesn’t come standard.

  sample of patina camingdoor glass caming finish in nickel copper

Shape & Size

Let us know if you need a non-standard size. We can design just about any custom size or shape for you.

custom shapes and sizes for entry door glass

Design & Pattern

Create your own unique design. Start with one of our doorglass designs – there are tons to choose from, then configure it to be unique or start from scratch to create one that is completely yours. We are happy to look at your idea and find ways to bring it to life in door glass.

design your own door glass pattern

Door Glass Caming Finishes

Door glass caming finish refers to the metal work that fuses the glass elements together.  This is an important decision when designing your door glass as it plays a major role in the visual style of your entrance door.  At Ridge Top Exteriors we have partnered with BHI and ODL Door Glass to offer a wide selection of finishes for each design to give homeowners options for matching door hardware, light fixtures, or interior furnishings.

*  Glass Variation Notation

Decorative glass is handmade by skilled craftsman, and it is subject to variation. Each piece of glass is cut and individually positioned into the caming to create the decorative design. In the tradition of decorative glass creation, glass fits into the caming but is not cemented into the caming. Therefore the decorative glass panel is subject to some movement and sound (usually more of a “tinkling” sound); this is not considered a defect.

Door Glass Frame Options

Create your dream entryway.

before after example of custom entry doors with unique glass

Explore, get inspired, and create the entryway that is made for your home.

Your Door Stylizer™

Now you can visualize how various ODL® Doorglass options will look on your home entryway. YOUR DOOR STYLIZER™ uses a guided design process that helps you to customize your entryway by replacing glass, adding glass or replacing your door. After you have created your dream entryway you can save, email, share via social media or print your project to make door glass ordering a snap.

stylizer tool by odl doorglass
Try the Stylizer!

Decorative Entry Door Glass Collections Overview

The front door of your home. A perspective on what lies beyond.

tile group for perspectives door glass collection


The power of today in refreshing styles of now.

 tile group for old world style door glass collection

Raw beauty, crafted design.

 tile group for craftsman style door glass collection

Illuminate your distinctive personality with these unique lines.

 tile group for eclectic door glass collection

Old World Style

Ancestral patterns rendered for today.


Everlasting en vogue. Never out of style.