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When you want a lot of privacy for your entry way with a balanced uniform look choose Geo-Tex door glass.


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Privacy Rating

blanca non-impact door glass privacy rating

6/8 Doors

876GTX 2 panel door by BHI with Geo Tex textured glass


geo tex textured glass in bhi 814gtx 3 panel door

814GTX 3-PANEL    

geo tex textured glass in bhi 684GTX 2 panel with side light door

684GTX • 692

geo tex glass from perspectives collection in bhi 686 GTX door with 2 side light panels

686/687GTX • 694 (687 FOR 2/6 DOORS)

8/0 Doors

geo tex textured glass in 8/0 612/496GTX door

612/496GTX 8/0 • 493

chart for geo tex glass in compatible  non-impact doors

All door sizes shown can be built as double door systems. Some stock doors are textured, smooth, or both. Undersized doors available.

Non-Impact Door and Glass Characteristics

  • Code Compliance for Non-Impact Doors

    Non-impact units have structural ratings and may be used in the impact zones HVHZ and/or WBD when and where hurricane impact shutters are permitted by code.

  • Door Styles

    Fiberglass with composite door jambs to prevent rotting, bending and twisting.

  • Scratch Resistant

    Durable Plastpro™ Fiberglass top quality doors with hydroshield technology to resist moisture and termites.

  • Structural Performance

    Best in class insulated technology offers exceptional durability, energy benefits, sound proofing and fire rating.

Call Ridge Top Exteriors to learn more about the Geo-Tex door glass option available for your non-impact entry door.

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Gallery of High Privacy Geo-Tex Door Glass

privacy level 9 geo tex door glass style
geo tex door glass insert sample
tampa windows and doors contractor ridge top exteriors offers geo-tex textured door glass option