perspectives group rain style textured entry door glass

ODL considered views and viewpoints from around the world as they designed the Perspectives Door Glass line.

Textures, colors, patterns, terrain, objects, cultural influences–all led to this diverse collection of privacy glass styles for your entry door.

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PERSPECTIVES Door Glass Collection

Striking the right balance between privacy and security for your home’s entry with your desired level of natural light can be perplexing. If it’s too far on one side of the scale you can end up with a dark entryway. On the hand, if you move it too far to the other end of transparency you will have too much visibility into your home.

Privacy glass offers a balance of the two. It filters glass for privacy without filtering light. Each of the eight styles in the Perspectives group brings a unique viewpoint to your door and home. Each offers an understated, minimalist approach to doorglass design. Each provides textures and patterns that create privacy. And all give you what only glass can: a dynamic and beautiful play of shadow and light. Perspectives door glass is available with Low-E glass



Offering a high level of privacy and an understated backdrop, Blanca has a frosted, slightly stippled surface.



All that’s missing is the patter of raindrops. Rain features a vertical pattern and textured surface that create the illusion of rain trickling down a window. It offers a high level of privacy.



Geo-Tex’s highly textured, geometric pattern is reminiscent of the pottery of Native Americans or weavings found in Moroccan markets. It has a strong symmetrical appearance and high level of privacy for your entryway.



The pronounced vertical pattern and strong ribbed texture of Streamed create the allusion of the organic flow of water in your entryway. Streamed offers a high level of privacy.



Just as its name implies, Micro-Granite blends texture and pattern to create a surface reminiscent of small textured polished pebbles. It provides a high level of privacy.



Whether soft wisps of clouds or a 30,000-foot view of mountainous terrain, Cumulus takes a view from afar and brings it down to earth in your entryway door. Cumulus offers a high privacy level.



Mosaic finds inspiration in the cobblestone streets of historic villages and the soft reflections of a stony streambed. The result is an angular, subtle pattern of light and a high level of privacy in your home’s entrance.



Reminiscent of Northern Lights, Vapor creates an ethereal play of light and shadow and a medium level of privacy for your entryway.