ridge top exteriors is a tampa gutter installation companyA vinyl gutter is a water collection channel that allows rain water from the roof to flow into a downspout and drain pipe. Properly installed gutters help to prevent rain water from infiltrating into the walls, exterior siding, and foundation of a building to cause serious structural damage.


Roof gutters may be made with various materials but in recent times vinyl and aluminum gutters have become very popular because they are durable, affordable and attractive. With the torrential rainfall that occurs in most parts of Florida, homeowners need to know the functions and benefits of properly installed rain gutters.

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Did you know standing water in your rain gutters is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests? That’s why you must have us clean your rain gutters regularly to prevent pests in your yard.

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Description of a Roof Gutter

In many homes, a gutter system is firmly attached to the fascia board with spikes and ferrules or brackets. Aluminum gutters could be made on-site using a machine which creates them from flat aluminum sheets or they could be fabricated off site like vinyl gutters. Then the installation team will install the gutter to the fascia board and seal off the end caps to make it watertight. The aluminum or vinyl gutters can be installed to fit perfectly on a roof of any length, and they come in a wide variety of colors.

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Functions and Benefits of a Gutter System

Every home needs properly installed and maintained rain gutters. In Florida and some other states, local authorities are now making them a requirement in newly constructed homes. Homeowners should make installation and maintenance of rain gutters a priority for the following reasons:

* Protection of Your Home’s Structural Components
Gutters provide a channel for rain water to flow and move on to a place where it can be harvested or drained into large waste water pipes. If the roof a home has no gutters or they are blocked by dirt and debris, water from rain will damage various parts of the building including the foundation, walls, siding, external doors and garage.

* Prevention of Flooding
During a very heavy rain, the roof of your home will collect a lot of water. This water will fall at a high speed down the slope of your roof. If the roof has an effective gutter system, this rain water will flow steadily to a safe location. On the other hand, a roof without a functional gutter system will create a huge pool of water at the base of the house. In many cases, this water will end up flooding the basement and causing damage to the foundation.

* Protection of Soil and Landscape
Apart from preventing damage to your home through flooding, roof gutters also help to preserve the soil and landscape around your house. Without gutters, rainwater will fall unto the ground directly at a high speed and wash away the top soil in your yard. This will eventually cause erosion, cracking of sidewalks, driveways and patios.

* Preservation of the External Beauty of Your Home
Without gutters, some of the rain water and the dirt that accumulates on the roof will flow down the walls and external siding of the home. This water can create unsightly stains that will require frequent painting. The stains on the bricks and stone masonry can reduce the aesthetic appeal of the house, when you want to sell your home.

Importance of Properly Installed Gutters

Many homes that have gutters do not have a gutter system that offers complete protection while others are poorly maintained. A professionally installed gutter system will be seamless, water tight and cover the edges of each slope of your roof. Such gutters will not leak or hold any standing water, and the downspouts will be properly fastened to the external part of the building.

For more details about installation, maintenance, and repair of roof gutters, contact us now at Ridge Top Exteriors in Tampa Florida. We have the expertise and experience to help you provide excellent professional roofing services in Florida and surrounding areas.

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