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If the thought of sitting on your couch and feeling rain drops on your head makes you cringe, make sure your roof has the right flashing to prevent leaks and costly water damage during periods of heavy rain.  Flashing is a made of waterproof material and it carries water away from where it doesn’t belong; it keeps it from finding cracks or gaps or obstacles that divert it into your home instead of on to the ground.  If you have a chimney, skylight, roof vents, temperature and humidity will cause materials to expand and contract, and flashing is what will keep water off the gaps.  Flashing in roof valleys is often used to ensure protection from shingles that may shift from ice that melts and refreezes in the winter, and sometimes around peaks and ridges as well.

Over the years new types flashing have become tougher and more durable—but the quality of the flashing is not the only thing to mind: If installed improperly, it’s like having a burglar alarm with dead batteries: You feel a false sense of protection, but you’re really not protected at all. The friendly experts at Ridge Top Exteriors have years of experience in roofing, and have won numerous awards that recognize them among the best roofers in the country.  So give us a call: We’ll inspect your roof absolutely FREE, and make sure your flashing is correctly installed and undamaged. If you need a replacement roof, we’ll make sure we install flashing wherever it’s needed with expert precision, backed by a warranty that will give you peace of mind. The next rainstorm is just around the corner, so call us today for fast and friendly service!

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