Vinyl Siding Makes Sense

When It Comes to Siding, Vinyl Siding Makes Sense!

Is your home ready for new siding?  Sometimes that’s an easy question to answer.  Many homeowners have had their siding damaged by a storm, only to find out their insurance didn’t offer (or didn’t tell them about) a “matching policy.” But some sections of new siding alongside older siding that has faded over time are not the look any homeowner is looking for!  Then again sometimes there’s no storm or damage at all; getting new siding feels a lot like getting a new home; it increases your home’s curb appeal and its actual value.  It’s an opportunity to change styles, colors, and make your home look and feel like new without ever having to move!


But is vinyl the right choice for replacement siding?  Consider these important benefits:

1.  Money, money, money, money!

Vinyl is considerably less expensive than other siding materials—so whether you’re fixing up your starter home or remodeling your forever home, there’s a kind of vinyl siding that fits your budget!  Just as importantly, vinyl siding retains its value over time; more than 80%, which is even more than a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project that would take weeks to do and cost a lot more.

2.  Easy does it!

If you’re tired of scraping, painting, patching up woodpecker holes, and all the other tiresome chores needed to maintain other types of siding, look no further: Vinyl is practically maintenance-free; it’s easy to clean without having to hire people to do it for you.  If you want to spend more time with your family or simply doing anything but chores, vinyl siding is a great idea.

3.  This is not your grandfather’s siding. 

In fact, it’s not even your father’s siding: Just like a PC from 1998 would make you laugh (or cry) today, vinyl siding technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Vinyl is tougher, and more durable than ever; it resists fading, scratching, denting, and it stands the test of high winds and driving rain.

4.  “In the comfort of your own home” is not just an expression.

The idea of living comfortably at home is a reality thanks to the insulating properties of vinyl siding.  Now you can keep warmth in during the winter, and make sure your home is cooler in the summer—and vinyl siding can play an important role in doing just that!

5.  It’s guaranteed. For life.

Ply Gem Mastic siding is covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty for as long as you live in and own your home.  Better yet, if you sell your home the warranty covers the new owners for 50 years from the original installation date—a great additional selling point. You just can’t go wrong!

You may not be an expert on siding, but if you’re looking for vinyl siding, the friendly experts at Ridge Top Exteriors will walk you through all the color and style options and help you find one that’s just right for your home.  And as always our home inspection and estimate are absolutely free with no obligation.  Give us a call and find out why thousands of homeowners have chosen Ridge Top, saving both hassles and money in the process.  We’re looking forward to earning your business too!



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